Any horse or pony will find some benefit from Equine Reiki. Horses like all animals are very sensitive and intuitive, therefore very receptive and can feel the Reiki energy. Horses will only take as much energy as they need and they will move away from the energy once they have received enough which is why it cannot be said how long a session on a horse will last as they are all different and all need different levels of energy to re charge their system.

The advantage of Reiki is that it is a non invasive form of healing, the hands of the practitioner may be gently laid on to the horses body or if the horse prefers not to be touched directly the hands may be held a few inches above the horses physical body in the Aura. Both ways allows the channelling of Reiki energy to flow to the areas of the horse that is in most need of it. Reiki is a powerful and natural way of getting your horses own body working to self heal. Reiki's natural energy has a way of helping the horses own healing system to fix any problems which can be emotional or physical.

Reiki on the physical body can help wounds to heal more quickly, speed up the recovery process from an operation and also act as a pain relief while the horse recovers from back pain, muscle strains or even disease. As previously mentioned, Reiki works on the emotional side of the horse as well as the physical body which has great benefits for any horse that maybe suffering from stress, anxiety, or even depression. It can also help a horse come to terms with any trauma from the past that may be deep rooted and may be hard for the horse to come to terms with.


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