I am a Reiki Master, Reiki Healer, Spiritual Healer, Medium, Energy Healer, Life Healer, Karmic Healer, Spiritual Counselor and Therapist in The New Forest, Dorset & Hampshire.

Reikicalm is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands-on holistic therapy that is performed without pressure, manipulation or administration of medication, so vets tend to take the attitude that it can't do any harm. Reiki brings about noticable change in the animal and allows them to relax and settle. It involves an attuned / trained Practitioner placing their hands on or near the horse, allowing the horse to heal from within, irrespective of the symptoms.

I help horse owners to improve the relationship with their horses by using equine Reiki therapy, also known as equine healing. I have been practicing for over 10 years now.


Reiki, Therapists


Dorset, Hampshire

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