Reiki is ideal for using with your animals. The energy is calming and soothing and animals - especially horses accept it with much readiness. In the instances they do not this is usually to do with trust and behavioural issues, and the animals still respond but often it takes an additional treatment session for them to allow the energy to work it's way in.

In additional to being a Reiki Master, Sue holds an Equine Degree which gives her a specific insight to the problems and health issues associated with horses. Sue first became interested in how Reiki was able to heal her own horses and having seen some amazing results then decided to look into training herself. She is happy to complete your horses treatments for you or to teach you how the techniques work so you can learn and create an even better bond with your horse, dog, cat or any other pet.

Sue will come out to your stables or home (depending on your animal/circumstances you may wish to bring them to me if you prefer) to suit the needs of the animal and owner.


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