Animal communication is when you can communicate with the animal intuitively, this can be in several ways. For me I hear audibly, feel empathically, see pictures in my head that the animals put there. I also have animal guides both living and those who have passed. I feel very lucky to be able to communicate with animals in this way.

I have been healing, notably, from the age of 3yrs old. As an adult I trained in Reiki and Seichem, these are ancient healing systems. Seichem is seen in Hieroglyphics on the walls of Pyramids and great temples throughout the world and has been used for centuries there after, Reiki is no different. I also trained in Bach Flower Essence which are a wonderful tool for healing.

I feel training in different systems helps us understand the healing energy that flows through us naturally and helps make the channeling of this energy though our bodies more efficient.


Reiki, Therapists


Hampshire, Kent, Surrey

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