North Yorkshire based racehorse trainer, Brian Ellison, was born in Newcastle upon Tyne on June 28th 1952, the same day that the red hot favourite, Souepi, won the Pitmen's Derby at Newcastle's Gosforth Park racecourse.

There are now 64 stables at Spring Cottage, after the construction of a new barn incorporating 18 new stables was completed in December 2003 and a further 12 stables adjacent to the barn, which was built more recently.

The yard has also benefited from the installation of a horse walker. This is covered and floodlit to enable use when it is dark and during bad weather. The walker can take up to five horses at any one time and is invaluable for horses coming back from injury that require steady controlled exercise. It is also used to loosen muscles prior to exercise.

The horses are regularly turned in one of Spring Cottages 4 paddocks. Brian believes that keeping a horse 'sweet' is the hardest part of training and seeing how much the horses enjoy their freedom and each others company as they amble about the paddocks would warm any horse lovers heart!

All Brian Ellison trained horses are treated as individuals and their respective needs catered for accordingly. Retired stable star, Fatehalkhair ('Fatty' as he is affectionately known in the yard!) is a prime example. Fatty is an extreme box walker and has been likened to 'mimicking a motorbike on the wall of death'! To cure his claustrophobia, Brian removed part of the back wall of Fatty's box, thereby allowing him access to the paddock whenever he wanted. This move proved the secret to the horses' success" Fatehalkhair won 20 races!

Just a mile from the yard, are the superb Langton Wold Gallops, generally regarded as some of the finest in the country. The horses walk to the gallops, which itself is an ideal warm up. The gallops consist of 6f and 12f all-weather gallops and 5, 6 and 12 furlongs grass gallops. Other facilities are 9 schooling fences, 3 schooling hurdles and practice starting stalls.


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