North Yorkshire based Sun Hill is situated in the ideal position for a horse racing yard, we are only 3 miles from the well known historical racing town of Middleham, the A1 is 8 miles away and there are 12 racecourses whose travelling time is less than 1½ hours in a horsebox from the yard. The area itself affords us the ability to take horses out in quiet surroundings for their roadwork and the naturally hilly landscape provides the ideal preparation for getting horses really fit.

Sun Hill itself is built on the side of a hill which has had a carefully planned and well constructed all weather gallop built into it. The 50 acres of land has a large selection of post & railed paddocks and fields allowing horses time to switch off from the rigors of training/racing and to be in their natural habitat on a regular basis. Whether you are a seasoned racehorse owner or considering getting involved in racing for the first time, we would like to invite you to visit our North Yorkshire based stables to see the excellent racehorse training facilities that Sun Hill has to offer.

You can enjoy a look behind the scenes of Racehorse Trainer Ann Duffield and discuss the different options for getting involved in racehorse ownership that will allow you the opportunity to become part of the dream. Ann's motto "where horses come first" is very apt, as any visitor to Sun Hill will tell you and the secret to good training, as far as Ann Duffield is concerned, is to achieve the best possible results from each horse in the yard according to the individual horse's ability, either on the flat or over jumps, while at the same time ensuring the owner gets value for money and hopefully, lots of fun, enjoyment and success along the way.

Ann is very much a "hands on" trainer, the first in the yard each morning and the last to leave in the evening, she puts great emphasis on getting to know every horse individually, because that is, she says what they are, "individuals". While race horses are certainly creatures of habit, they do all differ enormously in many ways from how they like, and need to be trained, who they want as a neighbour in the next box, down to their feeding likes and dislikes, they are all quite different and getting to know them, doing the right things in order to coax the best performances from them is one of the most interesting parts of the job - says Ann.


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