John Best Racing provides top-class facilities for training racehorses to run and break from the starting gates. But just as important are our spacious, comfortable stables and our belief in the value of regular paddock time for all our equine athletes.

Round Pen: We have a purpose built round-pen which provides a safe and secure area to start our youngsters.

Stabling: Every stable is a minimum of twelve feet square - giving our horses plenty of room to move about, lie down and roll. They also feature a plumbed, self-regulated drinking water unit.

Stalls: Our training stalls teach horses to stand quietly in the starting gates and jump out smartly when the gates open. One of our stable staff spent two weeks with renowned horse whisperer Gary Witheford, learning his specialised techniques for loading horses into starting stalls.

Other: We've now got a horse-walker where up to five horses can be exercised at once. John Best trains around 50 racehorses from his racing yard in Hucking, on the North Downs of Kent - and his training regime has produced some real stars.

John has trained a lot of good horses including Kingsgate Native, Stone of Folca, Sir Gerry and Rising Cross.


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