Dean took over the reins at Harper Lodge Stables in January 2002 from his father Ken. He has been around horses for most of his life. His grandfather kept brood mares which was really where it all started and he encouraged this interest through the very close relationship he had with him.

When he was a child he had his own ponies and would take part in local competitions. In his teens he helped school his fathers' horses and rode out with a great deal of enthusiasm. Horses have always been his "first love" from a very early age and he has always been involved behind the scenes assisting and learning from his father whilst he has been training horses. As an owner of several horses he has experienced success and disappointments over the many years, but despite the ups-and-downs, he believes there is nothing better to get the adrenalin going than owning a racehorse.

"This year (2013) will be my twelfth year as a Racehorse Trainer and once again I am looking forward to the challenge this will bring, as well as the excitement of racing and meeting lots of new people, but my prime concern will be the well being of all the horses placed in my care. In spite of having a very busy schedule, I will make time to spend with my owners when they come to the yard to see their horses work, or just need to chat.

Relationships with owners are important to me because as an owner myself I do know that this personal liaison makes so much difference. We have a small, friendly yard which has enjoyed a great deal of success over the years training sprinters. This will not change, but I am delighted to say that the mile plus all weather gallop has enabled me to train horses for all distances, as our record over the last few seasons has shown. 2011 saw us have our first winner over hurdles and 2012 our first Group One runner, this was at Royal Ascot and that has given those in the yard an additional buzz.

I also feel it is very important that horses are not kept in stables every day, and normally every one of them will be turned out for a pick of grass in our numerous paddocks and ménages which are available for this purpose. All owners and horses in my care are treated as individuals and their needs are catered for individually by myself and my team of staff who are conscientious and dedicated.

I am looking forward to building on our success, and I am sure this will be realised because we all work together as a team and we love what we are doing".


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Hertfordshire, Middlesex

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