From a young age Tom has been a racing fanatic. After a stint with James Fanshawe and 5 years as assistant to Nicky Henderson, Tom decided to go back home and re establish his yard at Dason Court in Herefordshire, formally used by John Edwards. During his time at Seven Barrows Tom learnt a lot from every aspect of the job and every member of the team and was lucky to be associated with some great horses, most notably Long Run, last years King George and Gold Cup victor.

As one of racings youngest trainers Tom has a fantastic set up with wonderful facilities and a young, fun and dedicated team who strive to do the best for and get the best out of each individual horse. Our Facilties:

  • Sand Gallop - Just above our schooling field we have a 2 1/2 furlong silca sand and rubber gallop that has been crucial through the cold spells, is great for warming up as well as steady work. We also use it for schooling when the turf does not allow and it is a great place to start the babies jumping with barrells and the Easy Fix hurdles.
  • Woodchip Gallop: Our new woodchip was first used on the 19th November, is 3 1/2 meters wide and 5 1/4 furlongs long with a gradual 4 furlong climb which means we can get some speed work into the horses as well as build up their basic stamina. It also benefits young horses as they learn to settle and relax in close quarters with other horses. Theses new facilities are still very much work in progress with developments occurring all the time.
  • Indoor School: We have a 40 x 20m indoor school, with a wax based surface by Equestrian Surfaces. It is used for warming up, during bad weather and also for flat work, schooling and teaching babies to jump.
  • Walker: We have a new 6 horse horse walker made by Claydon.
  • Fences/ Hurdles: We have a wide range of schooling obstacles including 3 sets of fences and an open ditch, hurdles, fixed brush hurdles and also poles and barrels indoors and outside. For the few who may run on the flat we have set of 3 wide starting stalls.
  • Paddocks: We have a number of different turn out facilities and like to get horses out as much as possible. We have just had another six individual paddocks made up over the summer to give us extra room for turn out.


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