At Whitsbury Manor Stables, we understand that the quest for success is only possible through sustained and concerted teamwork. The tightly-knit team at Whitsbury has been forged on a foundation of years of hard-won, professional experience, combined with remarkable loyalty and dedication, much of it beyond the public gaze.

Marcus: Marcus Tregoning is living proof that time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted. He spent the longest apprenticeship in racing, all of 14 years, working for Dick Hern, a legendary figure who trained sixteen Classic winners. When Marcus started on his own in 1997 it was immediately apparent that the lessons learned from the old master had not been wasted.

The future of Kingwood House Stables was in good hands. Young, energetic and refreshingly open Marcus set off with fifty horses and a bucketful of enthusiasm. Soon the winners were flowing. In no time at all he was training over 100 horses.

Facilities: This traditional yard with its brick stables and thatched barns has the scope to stable up to eighty horses. To compliment this there are extensive grass gallops ranging in distance from six furlongs to over one mile. Also available is a five furlong circular sand gallop which offers an ideal platform for steady exercise ahead of more serious work on the mile long all weather wood chip gallop that stretches steadily uphill towards the distant skyline. This provides varied terrain and first class training options for the horses to exercise and work on.

The two covered horse walkers are very beneficial for warming up or cooling off before and after exercise. They are sometimes also used during the afternoon for a leg stretch. For horses that are coming back from a break the horse walker is also a very effective conditioning aid, which helps strengthen muscles and bones before increasing their level of exercise.


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