Sheena West trains in Lewes in East Sussex. From a few boxes on the family farm, she now has 30 boxes. She consistantly produces very good results from the horses in her care.

Sheena is gifted at being able to find the right races to fit each of her horses very often resulting in them winning, which, at the end of the day, is what most owners dream of. Sheena has spent her whole life around animals and has worked hard to become a force to be reckoned with amongst her peers. Her hard work has certainly paid off.

Training Facilities: We have 6 grass gallops at our disposal ranging from 2 to 5 furlongs in distance. These are all uphill and one is a shavings gallop. As the location is set on old chalk downland the surface never gets firm in the hottest weather in the summer and never worse than soft in even the wettest periods of winter. We feel that grass is far more natural surface for horses than some of the artificial surfaces.Many vets also agree and feel that we probably have the lowest injury rate for horses in training. We do our horses fast work in a homewards direction as horses always love "going home" and it makes out job easier as they tend to do what we ask them. We have an undercover Monarch horsewalker for the warming up and warming down and we have plenty of turn out paddocks where our horses can let themselves down and "chill out"!


Racehorse Training


East Sussex

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