Racing isn’t just a great game, it’s our passion. For the last ten years Lisa Williamson has built up a team who share her vision of horses and horse racing. That vision – it’s simple.

Prepare horses from birth in the best possible surroundings and give them a quality education so that they can each fulfil their potential. Every horse is different. Both their physical and mental make-up vary and at our stable we have the ability and time to understand both of those needs. It is for this reason we believe we can get the very best out of all the horses in our care.

The thrill of racing is something enjoyed not just by owners but also by the horse and we love seeing the joy of both on race days. It’s what makes it all worthwhile for Lisa and her team and we would love you to join us here at Saighton and experience this very special relationship and really enjoy the wonderful sport of Horseracing.

Lisa Williamson is a master of horse welfare. To see the demeanour and physical presence of all her horses in the yard is to witness healthy, happy animals who live to enjoy their sport. They have larger than average stables, surrounded by other horses. More than most they get turned out on a regular basis in any part of the 400 acres of superb farmland that surround Lisa’s stables. Their daily routine could include work on the nearby 6 furlong all weather gallop with its specially developed woodchip blend that allows a wonderful work cushion to suit almost every gait.

As a change of scenery regularly the horses visit the stiff uphill Broxton all weather gallop with its twists and turns, or a trip out to the newly developed all weather gallop at Kelsall Hill which is the envy of many a trainer. In fact everything that your horse experiences at Lisa Williamsons stable is designed to bring out the very best whilst maintaining a great physical and mental well being. Something nobody understands better.


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