Peel Bloodstock specialises in sourcing quality Thoroughbreds from around Europe. We produce our horses to the highest standards ensuring that they are ready to go onto the racecourse and become the stars of tomorrow. Our aim is for our owners to experience the fruition of the horse, from the day of purchase to its race track debut!

Here at Peel we are training horses of all ages and at various stages of their careers. We have a wide range of facilities and top class staff that enable us to cater for each horses individual needs.

Full Training: Point-to-point and Hunter Chase horses under a high intensity exercise regime. The Point-to-Point horses are trained here at Peel Hall and the horses which are intended to run under rules also remain under our care in Pre-training until it is deemed they are ready to be sent to their trainer of choice.

Pre Training and Young Horses: A less intensive training regime designed for horses coming back into work before they step up to full training or are sent to their trainer to run under rules. Also for young horses, who have not been broken in long and are starting to learn their trade.

Breaking In: The first step in any horses career. We believe it is important that all the horses are treated very much as individuals at this stage as some young horses learn quicker than others, and there can be a massive difference between horses of similar ages, mentally and physically when they are young. If a horse is done correctly at this stage it should stand it in good stead for its training career and, in the long run, should hopefully save the owner time and money.

Convalescing: Looking after the injured horses. We have stables, loose boxes, small turnout paddocks, horse walker, ménage and good ring fenced hacking without having to go on roads. These are all crucial facilities in helping a horse on its way to recovery and back to the race course.


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