This husband and wife team brings dedicated training, experienced re-habilitation, world-class facilities and a love of horses to make their winning combination.

They are both former jockeys – Luke a professional jumps rider for the likes of Richard Rowe and Ron Smyth while Louise rode winners on the Flat as an accomplished amateur. Their training partnership has gone from strength to strength, each complimenting each other in the range of skills they possess.

While they both ride work, Luke has proved particularly adept at placing their horses to great advantage. Louise has acquired a reputation for the specialist treatment and rehabilitation she is able to give to horses in their care. This means the string reaches peak fitness without being pushed over the edge. This dual judgment shows in their results, which outperform most trainer with the same number of horses in their string.

The ultra-modern facilities, especially the equine swimming pool, is a key element in the rehabilitation of injured horses, enabling fitness recovery without undue stress on joints and tendons. TLC is an oft-bandied phrase, but Luke and Louise guarantee their tender loving care of each horse means each is trained as an individual – the high-class facilities at their disposal ensure the perfect preparation.

Luke will often bring horses that are in the middle of key important periods of their career close to the paddock at his home. From here the horses can live a natural life off the track under his watchful eye.

Often racehorses on Luke’s yard don’t realize they are in training.


Racehorse Training


West Sussex

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