A family owned stud, Bottisham Heath Stud is set within 180 acres of paddocks, with its own private poly track gallop and currently stabling for 45 horses, with more in the planning. It is a beautiful, peaceful and safe environment for horses to be trained in, with the added bonus of ‘time out’ in the paddocks to unwind and relax when needed.

As well as this unique and tranquil setting, we have easy access to the vast array of gallops in Newmarket, the headquarters of horseracing. We truly believe we have the best of both worlds here at Robert Cowell Racing. Bottisham Heath Stud is completely self-contained and peaceful, and provides a welcoming atmosphere for owners and potential owners. It is ideally suited to keeping the horses happy and helping them to achieve their full potential, with Robert’s expertise of course! Our 7 1/2 furlong polytrack was one of the first installed back in 1997 by Martin Collins. It has stood temperatures of -15 in the past so it is a true all-weather gallop. We are able to maintain the track with our 2 power harrows to whatever ground we feel appropriate whether it be soft or firm but generally it rides as good ground.

The yard has 2 Claydon horsewalkers, which are covered and floodlit to enable use when it is dark and during bad weather. Each walker can take up to five horses at any one time and these are invaluable for horses coming back from injury who require steady controlled exercise. They are also used to loosen muscles prior to exercise.

The horses are kept in an American Style barn, which is fully ventilated, very light and also fitted with heat lamps. The horses are bedded on locally produced straw. Our second yard consists of 18 large brick stables with high ceilings. The water managers are automatic and have rubber floors. This yard is self contained with its own feed and hay stores.

To unwind it is vital that the horses are able to have some freedom. We here at Bottisham Heath Stud have an advantage over most training yards in that there are acres of fresh grazing paddocks. We have small nursery paddocks, fully boarded paddocks (for windy days) and normal post and rail paddocks. The majority of our success is based on this as our horses whilst racing are able to experience hours of freedom.


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