Keeping a racehorse in training is not cheap. But it can be extremely rewarding, in every sense. My job is to ensure that our patrons get full value for money. I know that they have many alternatives out there - trainers of ambition, trainers of achievement. When I invite someone to invest in Egerton House Stables, I know that we must promise and produce a service that stands comparison with the very best.

Like everyone else, our team wants to get to the top. We have the necessary self-belief. We have the facilities, and we have the experience. All we need is the luck - luck on the track, naturally, but above all the good fortune to find supporters who share our own passions and aspirations. My time with D Wayne Lukas taught me that there is only one way you can hope to find that kind of luck. And that is to leave nothing to chance.

Wayne expresses his idea of commitment in typical fashion. "Think of it like a ham-and-egg breakfast," he says. "The chicken has an involvement. The pig made a commitment!".

Egerton House Stables Facilities: 2,800 acres of training grounds, Extensive turf gallops and artificial tracks, Polytrack, Ecotrack, Cushion track, woodchip and sand, Lunging and trotting rings, Starting stalls, Post and rail paddocks, Our own private 5 furlong Polytrack canter, Horse Walker.


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