Daniel Mark - known as Mark - started working with horses at the age of 14, to be honest it was more an excuse not to go to school! His love and passion for horses developed very quickly and even at this young age Mark realised that Horse Racing was where his heart was.

Mark worked his way up from stable lad to head man, to Assistant Trainer in various yards in Ireland and the UK. The experience which he gained from different trainers along the way has helped Mark to develop his own style of training. Along side working in racing yards, Mark also held conditional and Amateur Jockey licenses, riding with success under rules and in the point to point field.

10 years ago Mark decided to brave it out on his own and applied for his own Trainers licence in Ireland. His first two runners gave him a double at the Galway festival and proved that he had made the right decision. Last year Mark and his family decided to move from Ireland to the UK, as he believed that this would open up a lot more opportunities for his horses and owners. With the support of many of his loyal owners he relocated to a state of the art training facility in the Midlands.

Marks aim now that he has settled into his new yard and built a strong team around him is to continue to get the best out of all of his horses and hopefully increase the number & quality of horses in training along with the number and grade of winners.


Monarch Stables - Three state of the art Monarch barns, each stabling 16 horses. Each individual stable includes rubber matting and an outside window, ensuring maximum comfort, safety and fresh air!

Gallop - 5ft (1000m) uphill polytrack surface with a grass gallop running alongside.

Schooling - All of the hurdles and fences are manufactured by Easyfix & the schooling ground includes double-sided hurdles, normal hurdles and fences. Easyfix technology offers optimum safety for both horse and jockey.

Outdoor Arena - 50m x 100m floodlit and fenced schooling arena, with an all-weather surface. Offers an ideal space for training young horses or working with individuals with specific needs. The double-sided hurdles are located within this arena.

Paddocks - 20 turnout paddocks, all with outdoor field stables offering shelter from rain or sun!

Horse Walker - Two Monarch Horse Walkers are utilised for warm up, cool down and sometimes for horses that are recovering from injury.


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