Girsonfield Stud is located in the village of Otterburn, Northumberland, in over 600 acres of land that has previously grown sheep and cows! The cows are long gone but the sheep remain and help keep the pastures clean and healthy!

Frank and Susan Corbett started this venture and now, ten years on, they have most facilities that you would expect to find in Newmarket – without the high cost. The farm has been supported by grants from DEFRA and NEEIC which has helped install the horse walker, lunge pen and all weather turn out paddock.

Stabling is mainly in barns as the Northumbrian weather takes its toll. Here the horse can be warm and cosy whatever the weather outside. The Corbetts have foaling facilties, which consist of CCTV, Alarms, Rubber lined boxes and, most important experienced staff on call 24 hours a day. They know the importance of being there when the mare foals and ensuring he/she gets their first colstrum.

Previous clients have been impressed with the personal attention their mares received and the good condition they were in when returned home.

The latest development at Girsonfield is a new barn, horsewalker and lunge pen - kindly grant aided by the Rural Enterprise Scheme.


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