Pennie is a qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist working in Sussex and surrounding areas. The purpose of veterinary physiotherapy is to restore, maintain and improve function and movement in the large and small animal patient.

Veterinary physiotherapy is not a single therapy but an umbrella term covering a wide range of therapies including electrotherapies, massage, manipulation, hot/cold therapy, stretches and hydrotherapy. It differs from osteopathy and chiropractic in that both these therapies concentrate on adjusting what are believed to be skeletal misalignments caused by muscle spasm.

The Veterinary Physiotherapist will assess the patient and then work to remove the cause of the problem rather than just treat the symptoms. When an animal is in pain it may adjust its movement patterns to compensate and thus the problem may manifest itself in a completely different area from where the pain originates. Some of the uses of Veterinary Physiotherapy are to: reduce pain, enhance the healing of injured tissues, help reduce the formation of adhesions and stimulate cellular activity.


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East Sussex, West Sussex

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