FM Veterinary Physiotherapy is led by Florentyna Milford, a fully qualified veterinary physiotherapist. We can provide physiotherapy for both rehabilitation and performance development for horses, dogs and cats.

Equine physiotherapy can be used not only to treat conditions such as back, neck and pelvic pain; tendon injuries; muscle strains and tears; joint problems including arthritis, degenerative joint disease and stiffness; nerve injuries, but can also aid in performance development and maintenance.

Having regular physiotherapy sessions will ensure that your horse is kept at its' peak performance level and Florentyna will be able to pick up any problems early before they develop and reduce performance. Physiotherapy can also aid in compensatory problems within the musculoskeletal system that have developed post surgery, injury or lameness and in pain relief.

Florentyna will be able to advise on an exercise programme to aid with rehabilitation and will also guide you through a stretching and massage programme.


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Berkshire, Greater London, Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex

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