Currently based in Woking in Surrey, I am a professional learning and development specialist, skilled in coaching and developing people. After seeing the difference that physiotherapy made to my own horses, I was keen to learn more.

Undertaking the further studies in Animal Physiotherapy was a natural progression to help ensure that the horses I was training were comfortable with what was being asked of them. Now fully qualified, I am able to offer physiotherapy treatments to others as well as offering training for horses and riders.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises have long been recognised as essential elements of recovery in humans. Whether this is following an injury or trauma, or is simply a slight twinge we are feeling, as humans we naturally turn to physiotherapy. Animal physiotherapy is a growing field, and the unique skills of an animal physiotherapist along with their animal handling skills ensure your horse gets the best care.

At Equilibrium we don't put time limits on our sessions, they last as long as they last as is best for the animal at the time. For your pleasure horses it is advisable to at least get a yearly check up and 'MOT' to ensure your horse is comfortable and moving freely. For competition horses or horses in heavy work, it is advisable to get them checked more frequently to ensure they are up to their job and performing consistently well for you.

Horses are extremely generous creatures and are masters at masking pain or imbalance and compensating with a different part of the body. Often it is not until we feel a decline in performance, or the horse does something major like buck, that we seek help. By having regular check ups, we can provide ongoing support to the horse to help maintain the correct way of going.


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Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey

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