Natural Neddies Equine Podiatry has joined

Posted 25/04/2017

Barefoot Trimmer and final year student Equine Podiatrist. Providing a holistic approach to Equine Hoofcare & Barefoot Trimming. Covering Warwickshire & surrounding areas.

Equine Podiatry is the study of the Equine foot and everything that affects its function and usability. It is a holistic, science-based approach to caring for your horse’s feet without the use of traditional metal shoes.

The science of Equine Podiatry provides the knowledge required for a sounder future for all horses. The training, experience and quality of service that you will get from an Equine Podiatrist will put your mind at ease, knowing that your best friend will receive the highest quality of care and that their welfare will be of the upmost priority.