Wikefield Farm is an agricultural mixed working farm with a livery yard for approximately forty horses and ponies. We have over forty years of experience in running a livery yard and caring for horses ranging from competition horses to those in retirement. The yard has a mixture of riders with different aspirations from their equine friends. Michael Harrison is the farmer and he also handles the horses but his main occupation is growing crops and producing straw for bedding for the horses and cattle. He also grows top quality hay and haylage which is used to feed the horses and cattle. The yard is approved by the British Horse Society and is inspected yearly for the approval to be renewed and to ensure standards are maintained. We are a friendly yard and Barbara Harrison is the Yard Manager and is also a British Dressage judge and freelance trainer. We offer full livery, part livery and DIY livery, whichever is the most convenient to yourself. We offer services of Turning Out, Mucking Out, and Bringing horses in from their turnout fields. We live on site so there is always someone attending the yard 24hours a day. Security measures are in place and the main gate to the farm is padlocked at night. All horses are stabled throughout the winter months but they have access to turnout all year round. We encourage horses to be turned out on a daily basis unless, due to extreme weather conditions this is impossible. In the summer months owners may choose to keep their horses out at grass 24hours a day or keep them stabled at night. There are numerous choices of where you can hack out and different lengths of circular rides. There is a choice of rides on the farm, off road hacking accessed through Harewood Estate and road work. The safe traffic free hacks are ideal for the young horse or the young rider. The scenery is spectacular and you will enjoy the numerous species of wildlife that may appear during your ride. Wikefield Liveries have exclusive use of their own Indoor riding arena which is also used to store hay. The arena has lighting and training mirrors across the whole of the short side of the building.The surface is rubber and sand and has an inbuilt watering system. This covered arena ensures that riders can ride throughout all weathers especially when snow or ice is on the ground. We ask that riders remove their horse’s droppings before leaving the arena to maintain the quality of the surface.


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West Yorkshire

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