Lower Farm Riding and Livery Stables has been based in Cobham, Surrey since 1977. We are a friendly, family orientated yard with 3 generations from some families all riding or keeping horses and ponies with us. Our aim is for people of all ages to enjoy horses in a safe, fun, environment no matter what the age or standard. All our horses enjoy the companionship of individual loose boxes inside the converted barns, which keep them warm in winter but are light and airy enough to keep them cool in the summer. There are also several purpose built boxes for those who prefer their ‘own’ space. Those that need to be kept in a dust free environment are kept together in a woodchip barn and given horsehage or wet hay as required. The remaining non-allergy horses are kept on straw and dry hay unless otherwise required. Regardless of Livery status, all horses are mucked out fully on a daily basis, fed, hayed, feet picked out, rugs changed and turned out as requested. Our feeding procedure involves 3 feeds per day and 2 haynets and is tailored to each individual horse and its riders needs. With our large amount of grazing, all horses can be turned out on a daily basis. Fields are well managed and rotated regularly. The yard also oversees all visits from the vet, dentist, farrior as well as the worming schedule. Full Livery: Need extra help; can’t get down every day or going away? Then this service is the one for you with the added benefits of daily full grooming, tack cleaning, exercising and turn out. Part Livery: For those that can’t quite do it all! This service offers the same as full livery without the exercising, tack cleaning or full grooming. Working Livery: Need help with the bills or just can’t exercise enough? This is the most economical way to keep a horse on livery. Your horse will be shared with the riding school and used for lessons and rides on pre-agreed days. There are two options available, one-third working livery (the riding school has your horse one day during the week and a half day at the week-end) or one-half working livery (the riding school has 2 days during the week and 1 day at the weekend). Grass Livery: A field with water is provided and full use of yard facilities. Full responsibility is on the owner. Courtesy Snow Livery - no matter what livery you are on, your horses basic needs will be tended to at no extra charge whilst you are snowed in.


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