Keeble Cottage Equestrian centre has been run and owned by Jayne Young for nearly 30 years. The livery yard boasts superb facilities set in over 30 acres of land. Including 2 riding arenas, 1 lungeing arena, grass arena, 20 stables, grass gallop track, a small selection of cross country jumps and a heated rugroom. We pride ourselves in creating a friendly yard were owners can come to relax, socialise and enjoy their joint love of all things equestrian. Newmarket Sports Horses is run from Keeble Cottage EC by Naomi Maxed-Massey. Our Facilities: 60 x 20m dressage arena​, 20 x 40m floodlit arena​, 30 x 30m floodlit lunge arena​, 20 stables, Individual post and rail paddocks, Grass arena and gallop track, Small selection of cross country fences , Ample car parking space​.


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