We are a family run livery yard we are situated on Garnetts Lane, Tarbock off Netherley Road. Our stables are all indoors we have a flood lit sand paddock. We have three grazing fields and offer all year turn out. On our yard you will not only find horses but a wide range of different animals, Gilbert the lamb, Larry the llarma, Nikki and Shelly the goats, ducks, chicks,puppies and kittens. At our Stables you will enjoy the benifits of indoor stabling, were in the winter you are sheltered from the winds, rain and chills that the winter brings. We have three grazing fields which are rotated thoughout the year, the two main fields are mainly kept for spring and summer leaving the smaller one for winter. We also have a smaller paddock for winter turnout also the sand paddock can be used for turn out which gives us three different areas of turnout incase of fighting or other circumstances. Our sand paddock is flood lit for those winter nights which allows you to ride in winter. Liveries can have a box outside of their stables to lock away their valuables. We share a feeding room where you are all allocated your own space either to put feed bins or a small box where you keep your horse food. Your horse will be fed at 8.00 oclock every morning by myself providing you have left a haynet and morning feed outside your stable the previous night, after putting the children to school if you are not down your horse will then be turned out. Full and DIY Liveries are available.


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