Cornilo Liveries offers working livery at Sutton Court Farm, providing horse care and management by experienced and trusted staff, 365 days per year. To promote as natural an environment as possible, the horses live out at grass, all year round if possible, in herds. We tend to keep geldings and mares seperate from one another. Stabling is available as required. The pasture is managed on a rotation system, with paddocks rested every 6 weeks for a 6 week period. This complements our managed worming programme, which has been developed out of concern for the increasing resistance or parasites to the "wormers" currently on the market, and the unnecessary dosing of horses. Horses are weighed every 13 weeks, at which time a worm count is taken and analysed by a reputable laboratory. The results and circumstances of the idividual horse determine whether anthelmentics are required. Since operating this managed system, the requirement for "wormers" has been reduced dramatically, and with only 6% of our horses receiving a dose after the last analysis. The livery service is complimented by Cornilo Riding, and horses are exercised and schooled by our staff, and by the riding school clients, whilst riding under instruction during lessons. All horses are inspected annually by the vet as part of our committment. Individual horse health records are kept, and livery charges over and above a basic charge are specific to each horse. Clients with a horse/pony on working livery benefit from discounts on all lessons, escorted hacks, activities and in-house competitions, and have use of the sandschool. Use of the show jumps and cross country course are by prior consent. Livery clients also have access to hacking routes exclusive to Cornilo Riding and Cornilo Liveries, over privately owned farmland.


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