We are BHS approved and managed by an BHS AI instructor. This is a family run livery yard which was purposely built in 1999 and is situated in the beautiful greenbelt area of Millington. Services that we offer at Millington Livery Yard are: Full livery, Part Livery, 24 hour turnout, On site Equine services, Visiting Equine services. Full livery: This includes 7 days of morning feed, changing of rugs, turnout, mucking out, bringing in, groom, changing of rugs, evening feed and haylage. Bank holidays are included at no extra fee. Feed is included and Dealing with vets, farriers and dentists. Livery: This includes 7 days of feed, changing of rugs, turnout, bring in, any 5 days of mucking out. 1 bale of shavings per week and haylage. Part livery: This includes 7 days of feed, changing of rugs, turnout, bringing in. Haylage included. Hay nets and water filled until owners arrive. Our purpose built facilities include an enclosed yard of 15 stables, secure tack rooms, kitchen, bathroom with shower, changing rooms and lounge. We have 8 acres of forest incorporating our own canter track. There are over 20 acres of post and rail paddocks and a Large outdoor rubber/sand all weather floodlit menage.


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