Berrington is a 125-acre grassland farm in rural West Devon, run by Heather Blease with help from her family and partner, John Butterworth. The farm is home to the Berrington Flock of pedigree Zwartbles sheep as well as the Berrington Rest and Retirement Home for horses and ponies. Horse Retirement Livery: Established in 1997, Berrington Farm specialises in rest and retirement livery, offering first class, individual attention for your horse or pony. With just 12 places available, your horse will be treated as if he were our own, making his stay stress free and as pleasurable as possible. Current livery owners have described Berrington as ‘Horse Heaven’… and all for a price comparable to ‘doing it yourself’! We aim to be as flexible as possible, so tailor our service to your horse’s requirements. Whether you want individual turnout, or complete box rest, whether your horse has weight issues or not, we will manage his care accordingly. Year round turnout is provided in post and railed paddocks, with good Devon hedges. Paddocks are managed to provide varying grass qualities, in order to cater for those who need to put on weight and those with Cushing’s and laminitis. Whilst we can cater for individual turnout, most horses prefer being in groups of two or three so much care is taken to match up compatible personalities as well as dietary requirements. Paddocks are cross-grazed with our sheep, so cutting down the worm burden to the more vulnerable horses. he forage is grown on the farm allowing for strict controls. No artificial fertilisers or sprays are used and it is very palatable, even for those horses with challenging dental conditions. Usually, weather allowing, both hay and haylage are made. The horses are brought in daily to be fed, even when living out, so supplements and medications are continued. A high fibre, low sugar diet is provided as standard although any feed product can be provided on request, but may incur an additional charge. The same goes for any supplement. Cortaflex is bought in bulk, allowing owners to benefit from much reduced monthly prices. Each horse has its own stable. Most are 15’ x 15’ airy internal loose boxes, where the horses are easily able to see each other, making for a very relaxed environment. They settle as soon as they arrive. A foaling box 24’ x 16’ and conventional stables are also available for horses who prefer more enclosed environment. The horses ‘tell’ us when they want to come in, so if the conditions are not to their liking, we are able to get them in as and when they wish.


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