Debbie Jones is a leading dressage trainer in the Northwest. Whatever level you are working at Debbie's vast knowledge and expertise can help you get the very most from your riding and your horse. Debbie holds a BHSII and is a List 1 judge.

Unlike many instructor's, Debbie still competes up to Grand Prix level and actually trains the judges who are judging your classes! When i get asked , What is your teaching philosophy? I always answer that it is the same as my philosophy towards training my horses. Nothing develops without nurturing it and if it is not nurtured it will never last or be sustained.

After many years of training for myself and many different horses and tutors, not just for dressage, the one thing that becomes apparent to me was that when i clearly understood what i was aiming for and what the problems and issues were that we were dealing with, i could make progress. "Clarity is paramount". The horse is disadvantaged to start with as he does not know what our aim is but as long as we are clear, consistent and logical, we can help him to understand.

When I am teaching my philosophy is the same. I want to explain clearly and logically so that step by step my pupil will achieve their goal, but most importantly i want them to have that knowledge and confidence for keeps, not just when I am around.


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Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside

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