Learning should always be stimulating and fun, with riders being able to understand and identify their strengths, enabling them to confidently build good foundations to establish logical “scales” of training. This will assist in achieving “long” and “short” term goals and allow the progress of both horse and rider to be measured with improvements monitored and new challenges implemented in both a conducive and progressive way.

Support and guidance from any coach should offer clients ways to be able to continue the training in the absence of the coach, thus allowing practice for performance in the future. The training of both horse and rider in the early stages must be a progressive development to allow conditioning of not only the physical but also the mental development at a pace conducive to the partnership. Keeping the balance of these aspects creates a solid foundation to build confidence, knowledge and performance leading to productive results for the future, whatever the discipline.

This is where I can help as I individually design all my training to suit any RIDER, on any HORSE at any LEVEL, to help you achieve your goals. Weather this is for improvement in training for competitions or to become a more knowledgeable, confidant and experienced horse person, I believe I can help make your ambitions and dreams start to become a reality.


BHS Instructors, Dressage Instructors, Show Jumping Instructors



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