With any horse, regardless of age, condition and what we would like to use him for, the fundamental aims remain the same - to improve and develop his physical condition, to increase his understanding of what we want him to do, and to develop in him a genuine desire to work with us.

Precisely how we go about achieving these aims will depend on the individual horse. There are many types of training that Harry will do with horses, as well as the remedial work - backing young horses, training novice horses through to advanced in the classical way, also, if there are people that are prepared to wait, high school dressage. If the horse is going to do high school dressage then he must have the talent for it.

Harry Chaim Faibish studied classical dressage under Master Egon von Neindorff, Master Nuno Oliveira and Hans Riegler (ex head rider of the Spanish Riding School) and has worked in Europe and the USA at highly prestigious stud farms, training centres and competition yards. Whilst he has a vast experience of working with horses of different breeds and types in all stages of their development, his chief love is helping to rehabilitate horses who have been disadvantaged, mentally or physically.


BHS Instructors, Dressage Instructors



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