Dressage is both a science and an art. Bringing these two components together is vital for success in training the Dressage horse. Position Perfect Dressage has created a unique training perspective that works with both horse and rider.

Position Perfect is a concept created by Alessandra Doyle. Alessandra was born with a congenital dislocated hip (CDH) which meant she had no hip joint on her left side. At 18 months she underwent two major operations to create a working hip joint. Although successful she has always suffered from a lack of range of movement and a weakness on her left side. As she has become older she has struggled with a decreasing range of movement and at 25 already suffers from arthritis. However Alessandra has always been determined that her hip would not inhibit her ambitions and has worked tirelessly to keep her body in a state where she is able to ride at her full potential.

Whilst training in Germany to further her dressage education she discovered a passion for teaching and embarked on creating a training system that works with both horse and rider. Alessandra's training system involves work both on the horse and on the ground to make sure both horse and rider are performing at their best to gain the most out of their partnership. Taking the knowledge she has gained from studying Sport and Sports Massage at Durham University, training to Grand Prix with Britta Johnston International Sport Horses in Germany and completing her UKCC Level 2 she is able to create a unique training system for each individual rider.

Each rider is assessed first on the ground for specific strengths and weaknesses and then on the horse to analyse how this effects their riding in conjunction with the needs of the training of the horse. The position perfect system uses a combination of body analysis and classical dressage training.

This enhances the rider's ability by providing them with a better understanding of how their body works, how this communicates to the horse and what effect this has on the overall performance of horse and rider.


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