I’m a Lancashire based artist whose passion rests with animals, in particular horses. I had a 5 year break from art as I felt I needed to explore other interests in my life. This was still strongly based with our equine friends, I wanted to develop my riding skills and knowledge and become a riding instructor. I’m now a BHSAI and passionate about following the path of the classical masters of true horsemanship.

If you say yes to one or more of the below aims Claire will be able to help you achieve it:

  • Enjoy your horse
  • Strengthen your partnership with your horse mounted and on the ground
  • Work in harmony with your horse
  • Build your confidence riding
  • Be able to ride in balance and ease with a better understanding of the correct position
  • Allow your horse to work in true balance so he is able to work in a natural outline with no constraint
  • working correctly from behind into a light, elevated forehand.

To achieve true harmony and beauty with your horse and strengthen your partnership will take time. There are no quick fixes when it comes to riding and training horses. Horses should be allowed to enjoy their work as much we enjoy riding our horses.

What you need to know about Claire: Over 18 years riding experience in various disciplines, BHSAI, On the BHS Register of Instructor’s, CRB checked, On the Classical Trainer’s Directory, Enthusiastic, patient and understanding towards riders and horses, Passionate about horses/ riding and teaching and determined to raise awareness about the importance of correct schooling and rider position.


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