Sue Nevill-Parker, owner of this unique equestrian complex, is an experienced rider and trainer and provides a highly developed level of tuition in all aspects of horsemanship. She has trained with a wide range of exceptional teachers, both in the UK and abroad and has further enriched her teaching skills by working with practitioners of complementary therapies.

Listening to the horse with your eyes, ears, body and heart is the first step to Classical Riding. To “listen” one must first learn to be “quiet” and this is only possible through a correctly balanced seat. Sue Nevill-Parker will help you to master the core skills of body awareness, balance and control so that you can ride with feel and sensitivity.

The Arrow schoolmasters also play a key role in helping riders develop this correct “feel” for what is right and will enable students to experience the more advanced movements. Whether you are a complete beginner or have been riding for years, we have a horse that will teach you how to ride with elegance and finesse. Your horse will also benefit from what Arrow has to offer, initially because he/she will appreciate your improved riding skills. However, students who bring their own horse with them enjoy the added benefit of working together with the Arrow teachers.

TEAM work and work in hand is an excellent way of improving trust and confidence between horse and rider and Arrow Equestrian is one of the few places to combine this work with true Classical Riding.


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