Our World Class Equine Rehabilitation Centre provides advanced equine facilities and care. Supported by a dynamic and innovative team of multi-skilled, highly qualified professionals, we are dedicated to the recovery and conditioning of the equine.

We work as a team with the vet, the owner and complementary therapists to produce bespoke rehabilitation solutions - to achieve the best end result for each individual case.

Hydrotherapy: Cold salt water hydrotherapy accelerates healing and repair over a range of injuries to the lower limbs: from tendon injuries to the most serious wounds. Additionally, it can aid the prevention of stiffness and improve suppleness when used as part of a training regime. The combination of jets of aerated saline water kept at a constant 2ºC - and the depth of water - encourages circulation and healing. And it’s a very relaxing experience for the horse too!

Spa therapy is very effective and has been the key to a number of notable returns to the highest level of competition in horses who have been almost discarded due to their injuries.


Hydrotherapy, Therapists


Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire

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