Worcestershire Farriery Services Ltd is based in Worcester covering almost the whole county and some surrounding areas. We offer a professional and reliable service, working together with clients and vets to get the best performance out of equines in the Worcestershire area.

We assess horses both statically and dynamically to decide an individual shoeing plan for your horse. We offer a wide range of Farriery services including:

  • Trimming (barefoot trimming) - The most important part of a farrier’s job. Matt has studied many different trimming protocols through his degree course at Lancashire University and will trim your horse according to the individual horses conformation and work regime.
  • Hot shoeing - The most commonly used shoeing method in the UK, by fitting the shoes hot we can create a perfect fit to any shaped hoof. Burning the shoe on helps to create a sealed fit with the hoof and kills bacteria on the ground surface of the hoof.
  • Cold shoeing - Fitting shoes cold is good for those horses who are young or just scared of the hot shoeing process. We also fit some aluminium shoes, which have to be fitted cold due to the properties of the metal.
  • Handmade Shoes - At WFS we have the facilities to make shoes from scratch, whether it be for hunters, driving horses, competition or general purpose horses we can make shoes at the forge or out of the back of the van for a custom fitted horseshoe with individual characteristics for your horse’s needs.
  • Remedial Shoeing - Matt has been undertaking a degree in the science of farriery this has enabled us to offer a service for corrective farriery. So from conformational faults to pathologies of the foot we can liaise with your veterinarian to create a shoeing plan and then hand make and fit remedial shoes including bar shoes to get your horse back to soundness.
  • Modern Materials - There is an increasing range of products on the market to keep horses sound. Including glue-on shoes, sole gel and hoof fillers. We carry a large range of these products in the van so they are there should your horse ever need them, we regularly go on training courses to keep up to date with new products and the techniques for applying them.
  • Non-Slip - If you require stud holes for competing or road pins for Driving we carry a range of products to keep your horses on their feet!





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