During my time in the household cavalry mounted regiment I developed, like you, a deep affection for horses and a realization that their comfort, performance and well-being is dramatically affected by their feet. Upon leaving the army (at the age of 27) I trained as a farrier, at first in the rugged landscape of Cornwall and then in the beautiful surroundings of Surrey and the rolling downs of West Sussex.

Having learnt the importance of patience in building a relationship with each horse – Everyone is different – I started my own business in 1997. Since this time I have, with the help of my mischievous border terrier Alfie, shod horses up to 30 miles from my forge in Northchapel, West Sussex.

As a farrier I frequently treat horses with laminitus, navicular and many other causes of lameness, including back problems. Also as a farrier I understand that horse shoeing is a necessary evil (there are no farriers in the wild!), and if a horse can be ridden without shoes and not go lame/foot sore this is a far better solution. This is often not possible so as well as specializing in trimming horses to go bare foot, I have embraced Natural Balance and Cytek horse shoeing. These horse shoeing techniques, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, tackle the problem of break over, which is invariably too far forward with conventional shoeing.




West Sussex

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