I was born in Denmark in 1981 in a small town just North of Copenhagen. I grew up around horses and started riding when I was 5 years old. By the time I was 10 years old, my mum had started breeding Icelandic horses professionally and set up her own stud farm and livery yard and I was heavily involved with the day to day work in the yard. In spring 2007 I moved to the UK to be with my English wife and to add to my internationally recognised qualifications I also completed the Dip WCF examination at Warwickshire College.

To further my knowledge and experience I spent time working with 2 different farriers in the West Sussex and Surrey areas before establishing my own company ‘Allpass Farriers’ in 2008. I believe that all horses should be given the same high standard of care and quality of workmanship. As a farrier I deal with a broad spectrum of horses, anything from rescue horses with severely neglected feet to the top performing equine.

In each individual case I will always endeavour to ensure that the best possible solution for the horse is achieved. In many cases where the horse has a foot or limb condition, I work closely alongside veterinarians to resolve the issue. In my work I use various modern techniques and materials and pride myself in keeping up to date with the latest developments and to always strive to continue my professional qualifications and knowledge.




Kent, Surrey, West Sussex

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