Our aim is to give the owner and their horse alike the best possible farriery service in the interests of the horse – it’s comfort, well-being and usefulness over a long and active life.

We deal with many types of horses on a day to day basis offering each equine the individual, correct foot care and protection that they require. Whether your equine is an international show jumper, local pony club participant, point to point thoroughbred or a foal with angular limb deformity. We can cater for a specific breed of horse, the discipline it is undergoing and its individual conformation, to best trim / shoe so they they can be comfortable and perform to their best ability.

With our 15 years experience and with a traditional background, we embrace new ideas and products which may help a particular horse. We closely work with our clients and are always open to offer advice on how best to care for their horse’s feet as foot care is his or her day to day responsibility too.


Barefoot Trimming, Farriers



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