Based at Laughtons Farm near Grantham, we offer a forge based and travelling farriery service for all horses and ponies in the South Lincolnshire area.

Setting us apart from our competitors, we offer:

  • 100% prompt, reliable and professional service
  • An exceptionally high standard of routine work
  • Remedial farriery, including custom shoe making on site
  • Full veterinary liaison, including x-ray assessment
  • Credit and debit card facilities for your convenience
  • A commitment to continual professional development, ensuring that we are always up to date with the latest research and developments within the industry.

Glyn set up 'Equity Shoeing Ltd'in 2001, growing it from a small 'one man band', into the successful business which it is today. Glyn is extremely passionate about all aspects of his work, and prides himself on offering an exceptionally high level of service to all customers. Whilst he enjoys shoeing all types of horses and ponies, Glyn has a particular interest in the remedial and veterinary referral work which he regularly carries out in partnership with local veterinary practices. He also specialises in the shoeing of competition horses and ponies.

Glyn is especially motivated by the challenge of keeping these individuals sound during the physical demands placed on them throughout training and competition, whilst also maximising their performance by maintaining correct foot balance and support.

In May 2012, Glyn was appointed Team GBR 'Young Rider Endurance Squad' Farrier.





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