For over 30 years I have been treating horses to enable well being and performance, my experience and knowledge is a critical component to my success and well earned reputation. My expertise is sought after by leading UK, International and Olympic competitors who understand the importance of keeping their horses in top condition and at top level performance.

Teeth are the starting point for nutrition, and there is a crucial relationship between teeth and performance. Not all behaviour problems are psychological or due to bad training and riding. Many originate from pain in the body, and there is no part of the horse’s body more sensitive than its mouth.

What happens in the mouth profoundly affects the joint between the upper and lower jawbones. This joint is intimately involved with movements of the junction of the skull, neck and spine, through the joints of the upper neck, and is one of the most important parts of the sensory body, telling the brain where the body is in relation to space. Understanding this complex relationship reveals just how important the horse’s mouth is to what it does with its whole body.

When the mouth has been sore for some time this soreness can transfer to the upper and lower jawbone through to the neck and back. Consequently, performance is compromised and the horse may be diagnosed to have a chronically sore back. Equine Dental treatment can ensure that this is prevented, preventative care and correcting minor problems before they become major problems is much easier for your horse to deal with than large scale correction. However, myself and my team have worked over many years to successfully address major dental issues in horses which have resulted in huge success.

My natural horsemanship, knowledge of managing, breeding and years of riding and competing horses provides an additional insight to their mechanism of action, this has enabled me to help understand performance issues which can be corrected by properly shaping and maintaining teeth to optimise feeding capabilities and maximise performance.


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