American School of Equine Dentistry approved, I am a qualified dentist and have passed my Level 2 WWAED practical exam (DEFRA & RCVS approved). I am a member of Worldwide Association of Equine Dentistry, the only association run by Equine Dentists for Equine Dentists.

Work being taken on from large or small yards as well as single horses. I am very capable and experienced working with young, nervous and "sharp" horses and "naughty" ponies. Dental charts can be issued on request and overseas work can be arranged. Always check you dentist has the appropriate qualifications!

The only two qualification recognised in the UK are the WWAED Level 2 and the BEVA Exam.

When you should call an equine dentist:

  • Are you having problems when riding your horse
  • Is he resisting, tossing his head, favouring one rein to the other
  • Is your horse dropping his feed, tilting his head when chewing, eating very slowly, losing weight
  • Is your horse becoming "grumpy", head-shy?
  • Has he any nasal discharge or bad breath?
  • Have you recently bought/loaned a new horse and you're not sure of its dental history?
  • Has it been over six months since your horse last had a dental check?

If you can answer YES to any of the above questions your horse may benefit from some dental work.


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