I have been a practising equine dentist for the last 13 years. I have worked as the official dentist to the ILPH for a number of years.

Currently, I look after some top UK studs and racing yards but I am just as happy when taking care of privately owned horses. "David's 5 years at the ILPH has made him one of the most experienced dentists in the world when it comes to chronic cases. David has worked on some of the worst cases imaginable. Has been able to witness most of the animals that came into the ILPH at Snetterton, and after his time there he still can not believe that people could be so cruel and heartless to these lovely, gentle creatures. This experience has made David the capable, understanding dentist that he is today."

I recently took and successfully passed the DEFRA and RCVS approved Level 2 exemption examination which is the highest qualification that a dentist can achieve in the UK.


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