We are striving to provide you, the equine owner, with a professional, calm, caring and affordable equine dental service. This will enable your equine to be more comfortable in the mouth, eat better, aiding digestion, iron out any niggling riding or headshaking problems and generally improve the wellbeing of your equine.

We want to share our knowledge of the equine dentistry with you to help your horse, pony, donkey or mule to get the most and best out of his or her life. Whether competition horse, happy hacker, broodmare or picture perfect lawn mower, quality of life whatever sphere is imperative. All equines great and small, Shire to Shetland, natives to thoroughbreds all require and equine dentist on a regular routine basis.

Procedures we can carry out for you & your equine are equine history, incisor bite & molar balance assessed before & after treatment including:

  • “jaw slide”
  • full palpation (feel) examination from the outside (over skin)
  • symmetry of the head, jaw and facial muscle development
  • approximate ageing
  • droppings examined for evidence of chewing efficiency
  • enamel points & edges rasped smooth
  • float molar teeth
  • open wide rasp down hooks & ramps
  • balance mouth, adjust the angle of a shear mouth, removal of tarter
  • prevention/treatment of periodontal disease
  • smooth & buff canines
  • rasp down accentuated transverse ridging
  • correct wavy/step mouth
  • owner education
  • Horse Extractions
  • slab facture removal,
  • custom bit seats
  • removal of deciduous molar caps
  • removal of wolf teeth
  • removal of incisor fragments
  • float incisor teeth
  • removal of deciduous incisors
  • cut & realign incisors.


Equine Dentists


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