EDC is the UK’s first veterinary practice dedicated to equine dentistry offering general, advanced and referral dentistry services for horses. The practice was started in January 2013 to provide high quality equine veterinary dentistry services across the UK.

I have considerable experience in equine dentistry at all levels. I have post-graduate qualifications in internal medicine and surgery and was the first vet in the UK to also qualify as an equine dental technician in 2001. Since then I have developed a wide referral client base for advanced and surgical equine dental conditions.

I am dedicated to advancing the science of equine dentistry and am particularly interested in novel restorative and preservative treatments.

Routine Dental Care is of paramount importance to maintain the health of your horse’s mouth. Good dental care should be primarily about preventative care, as with human dentistry. Problems should be identified at routine dental appointments ideally well in advance of development of symptoms. Unfortunately, many developing dental problems, even some quite severe ones appear to be symptomless as the horse ‘copes’ by adjusting eating patterns and disguising any discomfort.


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