Thoroughly examining and treating your horse without compromise. We provide treatment which respects the natural function of your horses/ponies teeth as well as providing complete comfort for your horse/pony whilst masticating feed for digestion and sound control of the ridden or driven horse.


  • Incisor bite & molar balance assessed before & after treatment including “jaw slide”, full palpation (feel) examination from the outside (over skin), symmetry of the head, jaw and facial muscle development, droppings examined for evidence of chewing efficiency, enamel points & edges rasped smooth, float molar teeth, rasp down hooks and ramps, balance mouth, create bit seats if necessary, adjust the angle of a shear mouth, removal of tarter, prevention/treatment of periodontal disease, smooth & buff canines (if long/sharp), rasp down accentuated transverse ridging (ATR), correct wavy/step mouth, owner education.


Equine Dentists



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