I provide a high quality, caring and professional service throughout Cheshire, Derbyshire and surrounding areas. I pride myself on deploying the very latest dental techniques using state of the art methods and equipment.

I have passed the industry recognised BEVA/BVDA examinations, which enforce the highest professional and ethical standards. I am also an active member of the British Association of Equine Dental Technicians (BAEDT).

So if it is simply your horses routine check-up or some immediate remedial work, I can provide the efficient and expert service you require.

Why Equine Dentistry? The traditional treatment of simply removing a few sharp edges from the horse's teeth is no longer appropriate these days with the advances made within the field of equine dentistry. Effective dentistry involves ensuring the mouth is correctly balanced and the horse is free from pain thereby allowing the horse to obtain maximum nutritional value from its food.

Furthermore ensuring that the horse is comfortable when being ridden and able to perform to the best of its ability, regardless of discipline, ranging from competition to companion.


Equine Dentists


Cheshire, Derbyshire

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