McTimoney equine therapy deals with the musculo-skeletal system, primarily the spine, and the relationship of the spine with the nervous system.

Jill's qualification is the PostGraduate Diploma in Animal Manipulation awarded by the University of Wales in conjunction with the McTimoney College of Chiropractic. Over the 2-year course she studied such topics as: - Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology, Neurology, Osteology, Arthrology, Pathology, Lameness and Gait and Biomechanics as well as practical palpation and adjustment skills.

Jill's experience, together with her training and qualifications, has made her one of Yorkshire's leading equine therapists. As part of her programme of study, Jill also had to complete a research Dissertation which had to be of a scientific, investigative nature. Her chosen topic was a field study on the effects of a leading joint nutraceutical on a sample of elderly horses suffering from arthritic joint stiffness.

Jill's work in the area of joint Nutraceuticals has been judged by a leading Equine Orthopaedic Surgeon as being of significant importance and she has been urged to present her findings at the next BEVA Congress and possibly the AAEP Conference in the USA. It has also been recommended that she continue and extend her research in the form of a PhD programme.

At present there are many aspects of research that Jill is considering. Her exam results, together with her mark for the research dissertation, resulted in her being awarded the Distinction Level (1st Class) qualification from the McTimoney Chiropractic College. "Distinction" level is only awarded to animal therapists with the very highest level of skill, knowledge and expertise and, being one of the very few to be granted this accolade, makes Jill very proud to be the first professionally trained, qualified and insured McTimoney Animal Therapist in the whole of Yorkshire and surrounding counties.


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