Pauline Hughes is an experienced Equine and Canine Musculoskeletal Therapist. Pauline provides McTimoney Corley Musculoskeletal Therapy, and Physiotherapy for equine and canines in Shropshire and surrounding areas. She has a professional, caring, and ethically sound approach.

Pauline comes from a farming back ground, and grew up around horses. From an early age Pauline has been involved with riding and schooling horses. Pauline is also a qualified British Horse Society Intermediate Instructor, and has competed in both affiliated eventing, and more recently affiliated dressage competitions.

The types of situation when McTimoney Corley horse back therapy can be useful are following any trauma, accident, injury, slip, fall, or even being cast in the stable. Sometimes horses can cause injury to themselves by awkward rolling or even bucking in the field, as well as loading, unloading and travelling. The horse can start to compensate for pain causing tension or shortening of certain muscle groups, and consequently incorrect muscle usage.This can then lead to misalignments in the spinal column and skeletal structures.

Equine Spinal Therapy can help to re establish correct muscle tone, allowing correct spinal alignment, and thus encouraging correct muscle movement and development.


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